Who am I?

I am the founding editor and the behind-the-scenes “brain” of The MicroRead, an online quirky motivational blog, which catalogues the lessons I learn, as I live. The MicroRead has also transformed into a spot where I can publish my fictional work and feature Nubian-inspired poetry, with themes focusing on diaspora, loss and endless colour.


London-based, Egyptian Nubian. Nahla Idris is a freelance short fiction writer, an MSc Pharmacology graduate and an all round embarrassing human being. Frequently travelling and networking, Nahla began to appreciate that she has mastered the art of keeping motivated, staying organised, trying new things and starting random conversations.


Running/Writing/Being weird/Being Nubian/Travelling/EATING!/Reading/Singing normal sentences during serious conversations.

Where can you find me?

I’m usually easily contacted on here but follow me on Twitter for random ramblings.