Lesson 26: Consistency

‘Without commitment, you’ll never start, but more importantly, without consistency, you’ll never finish’, 
Denzel Washington, NAACP Image Awards, 2017
Denzel washington

Consistency is the subtle determining factor that differentiates the ideas that come to fruition and the ideas which, inevitably collapse. This isn’t about hard work, this is about chipping away. 

Consistency sounds boring. Frantically working against the clock and telling everyone you’re overworked, gives everyone the impression that things are happening.

We’re impressionable creatures and tend to be drawn towards the theatrical (and all the fluff that comes with it), which is one of the many reasons why some of us lack this make or break trait. 

Here, are just 3 benefits you can gain from being consistent:

Consistency can reduce anxiety

By working in small increments towards a goal, you can significantly reduce the pressure associated with it. A common example is saving money. As a universal anxiety trigger, money goals never seem easy to achieve. This is particularly true for those who carry a lot of daily responsibilities such as family, mortgages, health and education. However, setting daily goals can present some pretty amazing outcomes. 

money saving

Just setting a cap on the amount of money you spend on lunch, or saving just £1 a day, can get you a bit closer to your saving goals and reduce the niggling anxiety. Saving £10 a day sounds less daunting than trying to save £1,825 in six months for bills. 

Consistency can offer you routine

As a freelancer, routine is everything. Without a routine, it’s pretty easy to get lost and baffled with the growing heap of work that zooms into my inbox. 


So, I practice consistency, by planning my work in a bullet journal. I can categorise and analyse the work that needs to be completed. By having a physical notebook, I’m forced to be consistent by logging in my upcoming tasks into subsections. Breaking up my big tasks, into smaller ones, makes it much easier to meet client deadlines and project possible free slots for new clients. As much as I love computers and the internet, a good old pen and paper can getting your “goal motor”, running. 

Consistency can help you track your progress

For those of you who have read my posts throughout the years, know I run but I struggle with it. Contrary to my South Egyptian, Nubian roots, I can’t just slip on my trainers and whizz through a 10 km run.

I lacked being consistent. I lacked commitment. 


However, now that I stick to a running schedule, I can slowly work on my form, my posture and my mental barriers. I surprise myself by improving my technique.

Even, if it’s just one small thing, by the end of the month, your victories accumulate and you can start to see a finish line.

Do you have any goals that I could benefit from a little sprinkle of consistency?
Let me know in the comments below 🙂 

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