Lesson 18: Purpose

Still trying to find my purpose

The Microread

This is less of a lesson and more of an opinion; or maybe even a tale of experience I thought I should share with you all. This tale is about my search for purpose and how I got there.

When we want to accomplish things, we tend to forget about why we’re doing things. We just sense we have to do them. The most common example I can give you without losing you all, as I blabber on, is this statement/declaration:

I need to be a millionaire.

It’s so easy to want wealth. So easy, especially in the age we live in. But asking ourselves why we want to be millionaires feels almost like a rugby tackle compared to our brash statements of wants. It becomes a bit more difficult to answer why you want things when you’re made to explain your answer.

Is it because we want to be…

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