Lesson 20: Decision-making

It’s hard making decisions. How do you navigate through life?

The Microread

Should I get up and give my seat to this little ol’ lady or should I pretend I’m asleep?

(We’ve all done it, don’t judge me dammit!)

I have realised that decisions shape us to an intracellular level. Deciding to orally communicate over physically communicating (you know, like punching that co-worker who stole your yoghurt) can mould our morality, our mindsets and our general motivation for living.

We are an infinite collection of events.  A collection of events based on the decisions we make. You didn’t just land in your seat from the sky, (although what do I know, you might be an adrenaline junkie). A series of events bought you here. You might have opted for a cup of coffee instead of that beer, and coffee instantly means blog surf, as opposed to watching a Dexter rerun on TV with a cold beer.

I know it sounds like a bit…

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