Lesson 2 : Passion

Nothing beats passion and hard work. Maybe cheesecake? Or passion fruit cheesecake on a hard biscuit base?.. Nah *side eye*


Passion is that little warm glow, or rather bush fire; you get after you’ve had a whizz on the imagination rollercoaster (Refer to Lesson One). All you can think about is that idea or concept you have, as you lay awake at 03:21 on a Monday morning. Eventually, you shoot up and rush to your laptop because you have a question that needs to be answered immediately, or you simply can’t wait for the sun to come up to start working.  You try to talk to your friends and family, but they simply just don’t get the same buzz and excitement about your latest invention. You rant and rave about your new idea for an electric shaver, or invisibility cloak, and start giggling to yourself at how crazy this all is! This is what I call the second step to insanity…I mean success 🙂 Passion can be mistaken at times…

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