Lesson 20: Decision-making

Should I get up and give my seat to this little ol’ lady or should I pretend I’m asleep?

(We’ve all done it, don’t judge me dammit!)

I have realised that decisions shape us at a intracellular level.

We are an infinite collection of events.

A collection of events based on the decisions we make. You didn’t just land in your seat from the sky, (although what do I know, you might be an adrenaline junkie). A series of events bought you here. You might have opted for a cup of coffee instead of that beer, and coffee instantly means blog surf, as opposed to watching a Dexter rerun on TV with a cold beer.

I know it sounds like a bit of a stretch but I’m not clutching at straws here, decision-making is vital. Gates deciding to drop out of Harvard, right at the moment when he offered software to a startup company, software he hadn’t yet created, was a vital arc in his story.

Decision making is important but darn near impossible at times or thats how it feels to me anyway. So how do we identify the decisions we should take and the others we should abandon?

I’m not sure I have an objective answer and to be honest, I’m not sure I’m completely happy with the answer I’m about to give but that’s what’s great about blogging. You can’t throw your shoes at me because I’m all the way in my lair! So with that said, here it is.

Your gut.

Your gut is the decision-making hub. The organ involved in helping you with the decision-making process. That tingly feeling you get when you know you shouldn’t eat that green sandwich even though it’s not past it expiration date. Our gut and brain have a symbiotic relationship. I like to think in an “airy fairy” kind of way, that the gut identifies the options you have and your brain plays out all the scenarios, hopefully causing the most favourable option to be undertaken.

Stop rolling your eyes, I see you! I know, the brain gets all the glory but you catch my drift right? I did put that disclaimer out there that this is subjective. One of you have a better strategy for decision making and I’d love to hear it. For now, I’m going to go with my gut until one of you brain bots come up with a better answer *patiently looking to the stars for one of you to help*.

What’s the best decision you’ve made this year?

The Microread

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