Lesson 9: Quality vs. Quantity

Quality vs. quantity, what’s the big hullabaloo?!

The Microread

A road to success is a difficult one to travel. It’s like new heels (and believe me, I’m not a fan of them), first couple of wears you receive a nice present from the heel fairy: a feet full of blisters and aching purple toes. Yet, the previous lesson taught us, that if we persist a little, bit by bit and not everyday, then eventually things will get easier.I guess what I’m really talking about is a smart type of patience. So, those shoes that you thought looked so great but may have been spawned by Satan himself, now have become your trainer heels: the most comfortable heels you have in the closet.

But, I ramble…. yes quality vs. quantity.

Why is this important to remember? Good question my friend, I’ll tell you why in a little anecdote that you can laugh about the next time you hear someone shout…

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