Lesson 5: Listening

“The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people” – Woodrow Wilson


We like the sound of our own voices, and it drowns out the sound of others’ talking. This lesson may not immediately seem as important like the previous four, it may even seem like common sense, but even we need to be reminded about the simple things in life.

Thanks Mr. Wind

I hear older generations constantly saying that the ratio of one mouth to two ears should be telling us something. Listen. I used to always tell my mum “I know!”, to every question she ever asked me, now realising it’s not really a sufficient answer. Reminders to put in the milk in the fridge, or it’ll go off… and I’ll still repeat “I ….know!”. When in fact, I had left the milk out about a thousand and one times, and maybe lost the house about £3,000 worth of milk. My dad used to tell me to study a…

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