Lesson 8: Persistence

Let’s start off January with a little persistent thought!

The Microread

Many kids at supermarkets: screaming, jumping, pulling away at jumpers, recognise the power of persistence. persistence makes their favourite cereal appear at the cashier’s register, it leads to shopping bags filled with the day’s success, and yet somehow this wasn’t their first shopping trip with mummy and daddy. This lesson of persistence is a valuable one to anyone who wishes to succeed in anything.

The best way I can explain this lesson is through the story of how someone would learn a new language. This explanation can be applied to practically anywhere in life; many students, artists and entrepreneurs may have a few things to learn about toddlers at supermarkets.

Success! Persistence = Fruit Loops!

My french teacher would always repeat: “Practice and Persist!” We, the class, would then mumble back at Madame Quinn “prac..tiss and *incoherent noises*”. The days lesson would begin with learning the definitions of about 10 words, how…

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