Lesson 16: Perspective

I owe this post to a man I have never met or seen.

You may have already gathered that I sometimes find it difficult to keep my attention focused on one thing (that is, apart from writing). I’m kind of a magpie. I like jumping over to shiny things without realising the overflowing nest behind me of foil and shiny wrappers. I understand the big picture of going for your dreams, but I have forgotten about doing the selfless things along the way, mainly because I have forgotten it’s worth. I had a loss of perspective.

I complained at all the things I had to do and the limited resources I had. I complained about how there weren’t enough hours in the day. To cut a long story short: I was the complainer that I complain about in my lessons. What a hypocrite.

Just like magic (at least I felt tingly), I decided to check out other blogs I follow and what they were up to. Now, I started following a blog called Bluefish Way written by a man named Ralph, I believe. The first post I ever read on Bluefish Way was about a hilarious story about a road trip that didn’t pan out as he expected. I laughed, commented and thought nothing about this blogger again. That was until I read this. Take the time to read it, so this lesson hits home.

He did something selfless and took the time to interact with another human being, simply to help them out with what they were struggling with. I learnt two things:

1)   All that she needed, I had.

2)   This characteristic of giving and perspective that Ralph has, I lack.

I thought I had this infinite amount of empathy and perspective, yet lately when things like my computer crashing or a hot mug of tea burning my toes I thought all bad things ONLY happened to me, me, me!

This is what I think you should do today if you’re in the same boat:

  • Grab a pen and a post-it note and write today’s date.
  • Write something negative that has happened to you that day.
  • Write something you have done to help someone else that day.
  • Re-assess the something negative and see if it even matters.
  • If it does, well I suggest doing something nicer to give you more perspective.

Over and out Microreaders,

Your Leader (I kid, of course…),

The MicroRead

4 thoughts on “Lesson 16: Perspective

  1. Hi Nahla. I never ever expected such a response, comments and your post on the simple act of helping someone. I know that we are living in a society where “take” and “it’s mine” is predominant. It took a lot of soul searching to write that post of mine as I didn’t want it to be taken the wrong way. What swung me was Elisa’s reactions as they were so overwhelming. Take care Nahla and wear shoes so you won’t burn your toes again. Thank you. Ralph x


    1. Yeah, sadly, we do live on the blue marble of “take, take, take”. I had to respond somehow and writing was simply the best response I could give back to a vital lesson learnt. It was as if the post simply fell into my lap (mac screen)! Thankyou again, can’t wait to read more posts, and tea making advice is noted 🙂 Have a wonderful evening. Nahla (The MicroRead).


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