Lesson 12: Organisation

If there were three sisters of the success family, I would think that: imagination would be the quirky daydreamer; hard work would hardly smile but secretly has fun and attracts a long list of people; and lastly organisation would be the boring, very neat sister, yet she is the glue that holds them together and she makes sure things get done.

I am someone who can become quite distracted and I hate to admit it but I can go in search of it when I have to do tasks that generally annoy me. After I give into the distraction demon, my workspace becomes a tip and I still have to get that boring son of a task out of the way before I can have fun now.

Hold on one second though… it’s now 3:02 am and it’s naturally time to sleep and for some strange reason I couldn’t just tidy and organise my desk in 10 minutes…

Time: 9:12 am.

Room status: messy just like last night…

Should I organise my day and table so I can get done to the fun stuff? Nah. I should have breakfast and I promise I’ll do it straight after… I might as well watch an episode of the Big Bang Theory, maybe two seeing I missed 2 minutes of this episode.

Somehow the time is now 6:18 pm and I know I have work to do.

Must get myself organised and into that frame of mind. I’ll read a few articles on Bloomberg and perhaps watch one thing on TED talks to set the right mood (the clip I watched was not a short 10 minute one, it was the 45 minutes type).

So you can now imagine that time has leaped forward to 8pm and I have to start this tedious nonsense because in a world run by corporatism, you can’t simply have an idea and run with it without reading and signing the legal stuff.

Why is it that when we read up on success no one really tells us how boring some things can be. It’s like they play us a movie with a sequence of montage scenes, and in reality it lasts for months.

A week later, I finally finished it but only after being stuck in the endless loop of distraction.

I had no organisation whatsoever and it was obvious that if I was on a schedule I would have had finished a weeks worth of fun work. Now, I’m not saying we should all be timetabling our lives, life simply doesn’t run as fluidly as we’d like it to. I’m simply saying this:

Organise the sectors in your life the same way you would expect your company or success to run in the future. Create a new healthy habit. I can’t give you a list of all the things you must focus on and the things that you should avoid, we lead different lives and I know you can figure that out using your noodle.

Here’s what I can tell you what worked for me.

I split my day into 4 sections:

1) Me time: running/walking, meditating, yoga, having dinner with friends etc.

2) Evaluation time: seeing what needs to be done and when by.

3) Fun work time: the creative thinking stuff I love in expanding my concepts, writing.

4) The boring things that need to get done: without these, my dreams will remain dreams. So, tax forms, excel sheets and bank stuff.

I have to touch on each section everyday, it may not always be equal but I decide.  Organisation does not have to lock you into a million commitments but things will start moving with the help of it.

Speak to you soon,

The MicroRead.

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