Lesson 11: The Right Environment

The environment you put yourself in will influence greatly your mindset. If all your friends have no ambition (be it small or huge!) and complain day in day out, then it’s more than likely that you are also without ambition and are a bit of a complainer…

  1. If all you eat is grease, lard and ghee (the sacred browns and yellows) and you hardly see any colour in what you eat, then expect to be sluggish and slow. If you think you’re not sluggish and slow, then you obviously aren’t aware of how energetic you could be.
  2. If your daily exercise is walking to the busstop to take you outside work, then your heart and brain aren’t fans of you right about now. Give your precious organs some oxygen will ya!? It’s free after all. In my humble opinion, I believe we live once. So success should equal happiness. Money is abundant but time is not! More oxygen, more time, more living.
  3. If all you watch is Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious and Jerseyidontknowifthereareanymore (made that last one up), well then you most probably think you live a boring life compared to those colourful characters. I’ll break something down to you about reality TV, and maybe even TV all together: things are choreographed and rehearsed; the colour resolution on your screen is blasted up and will make things look brighter and more Willy Wonkerish; and lastly knowing whether Bradson slept with Jennifer, who played in the sandpit with Barney, while giving eyes to Amanda, is not going to really change the outcome of your day. It probably wont help your environment if you are looking to strive to success. Success means concentration, and the TV doesn’t really let you work your noodle.

What do you think is important to have in your environment for happiness and success? Chocolate? Pen and paper?

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” – Steve Jobs

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One thought on “Lesson 11: The Right Environment

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    “If all you eat is grease, lard and ghee (the sacred browns and yellows)…then expect to be sluggish and slow”. How important is being in the right environment for your general wellbeing? Check this short throwback post on my take.


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