Lesson 9: Quality vs. Quantity

Why is this important to remember? Good question my friend, I’ll tell you why in a little anecdote that you can laugh about the next time you hear someone shout about their success whilst indirectly belittling your present or future achievements.

Happening somewhere in libraries around the globe…

Person A: Oh my God! I’ve been in this library all day, I’ve hardly slept, my eyes are red, I’ve had like 21 coffees, a pro plus and I’ve gone through 100 past papers for tomorrows exams! I’m not even prepared. Urgh…Every year this happens to me.I’ve also read like 12 journals that I can give to you because I’m done with them… *carrying 15 books* I’m planning to read all those now in 5 hours, so I may have to sleep here! Where have YOU been all day?.. You’re so lazy!!!….

Person B: Um… I just came from home, its 10am and I usually get in around these times. Planning to finish the rest of my notes from the core text-book…you know make sure I understand the paper structure before the big day!

Person A: You’re not taking this very seriously are you!? Don’t worry I’ll teach you everything!

Person B: No thanks, I think I’m pretty prepared (insert smile)… 

Person A: *thinking how stupid person b is* You’ve hardly done anything, you even slept?! Ok well I’ve gotta go and read these bad boys

In reality, person B  is quality. They were more productive (but you already knew that), however it was not boastful and it was organised. Person A believes in quantity. Staring in front of a screen for 14 hours with an open tab of Facebook is more productive than spending an hour with a past paper, a core text-book and sleep.

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