Lesson 7: Belief and Faith

Often we are told to have a little faith in things and in people. However, it’s rare to place that faith in ourselves. I think that might be because placing faith in anything other than ourselves is easier.

Faith in yourself does not mean you have to be some extraordinary super hero. There isn’t a skill set or special act you have to be able to do, to place that faith in yourself. We can’t all be Liam Neeson.

When you’ve scoured the net and sifted through books like I have, one thing stands out among the happy, the successful: they all saw it happening before anyone else. They believed that it was inevitable.

That’s what faith is, it’s blindly believing that something will happen with close to little proof. But, that feeling is enough. That’s more than any tangible proof.

What this lesson means is that you don’t need to ask anyone for permission. Not a single soul.

Keeping the faith,


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