Lesson 6: Delusion

This is going to be short and sweet. A good dose of this stuff keeps mediocrity away.


Only 2 things can really happen : You happily live in the 3 pound universe that is your brain, you see no boundaries to the skills and abilities you possess. The centre of your delusion is yet to be physical, but nonetheless, it exists.

e.g. In Bob’s basement: –

Bob: “Yeah Bro, I’m thinking about building the first transporter machine, so any journey will only last the maximum of 20 minutes!”

Brody: “That’s stupid, Bob. We already have planes and cars. How you gonna do it? Let people travel in tubes like vacuums, that’s so dumb! Haha! Anyway, were going out tonight, would invite you, but we’d have to take cars! (whispers: He’s so delusional!)”

You still live happily in your 3 pound universe. Still no boundaries to skill or abilities. The centre of your delusional is now very real, and very physical. Now everyone can see it.

e.g. Bob at Tubetravellers HQ, worth 1 zillion pounds.

Brody: *texts* “Bob!! My man! When we going to Hawaii!!!! Btw, I’ve sent that email to become your main PR guy! When do we start work!”

Bob: *texts* “Yeah Brody, so I’m making TubeTravellers 3.0 this week…Don’t really have time to go Hawaii…um what email…. my email is broken…”

Brody: *texts* “I always knew you could do it! My best friend, the first zillionaire! and to think people thought you were delusional! I always knew it was such a smart idea! my BFF for life bro!…Umm, It only take 2 minutes to get to Hawaii”

Bob: no reply.

“I keep working under the delusion that someday a library will ask for my manuscripts” – Walter Wager

Completetly delusional,

The MicroRead.

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