Lesson 4: Reading

A few things scare me in life, and that’s pretty normal because let’s face it I’m human. I’m scared of stairs (you know the fear of missing the next step, tripping and taking a colossal roll down the length of the previous three steps). I’m scared of having a mediocre life. I’m scared of marshmallows (they make me itch and roll my eyes back into my head – God knows why).

My greatest fear is that I’ll arrive at my final pit stop, the one just before my ultimate conception of success and be denied entry because I’m not equipped. So, this isn’t just about hard work, it’s not just about passion, it’s also about humility.

Humility: that your problem is not unique and someone out there has experienced the same thing, if not something very similar.

Any problem you’ve ever had, it is more than probable someone else out there had the same problem. Read, read, read.

Reading can entertain, teach and expand your horizons. In an age of technology, a book is the safest place to be right now because it’s just you and a book, how simple is that? It trains your mind to value routine and your surroundings, reading also requires active concentration which will help you stay alert and on the ball. It can also help you de-clutter your mind, and pave clear routes to your very own Atlantis. Your very own yellow submarine.

Start small, even a Dr. Seuss book is enough. The rhyming and colours will get you going, make you laugh (well at least it has me in bits), make you realise the simplicity of things, teach you humility, expand your mind and settle your uneasy heart (unless you’re reading Cujo).

“Employ your time in improving yourself by other mens writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have laboured for” – Socrates

The MicroRead.

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