Lesson 3: Hard work, dedication

Hard work and dedication has been a priceless tool used to carve dreams for centuries. Great ideas can only become great things when worked at a thousand and one times.

No hard work, no dedication, well then say bye to your dreams mate, because the world won’t give things up that easily. This post won’t be as long as the others for a simple reason: hard work, dedication either happens or it doesn’t.

Tomorrow, next week, next year, isn’t good enough. Nonetheless, in order to work hard and dedicate yourself to all that you’d like to accomplish, you need to be motivated, you need passion (lesson 2). When people say you can’t do something: tell them to sit down and have a kit kat. When you tell yourself that you can’t do something: duct tape your mouth shut, because that talk is for silly people.

Can’t run a mile? Learn. Hard work, dedication.

Don’t know how to start your own business? Read. Hard work. Dedication.

Can’t swim? Let go, struggle and panic and kick, Hard work, dedication.

Can’t cook? Watch and learn, and burn a few things. Hard work and dedication.

All of these statements have a simple solution to them: just extract the can’t and don’ts for can’s and do’s.

“It’s blood, sweat, sometimes tears.” Bob Hayes

With a hand full of belief,

The MicroRead.

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